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Squid Lightweight Boat Anchor

Lightweight Boat Anchor Specifics

This lightweight innovation is easy to use and no assembly is required. The Squid Lightweight Boat Anchor is made with sturdy mesh and hard flukes. When you're through anchoring, just empty the bag, rinse and stow. of weight). There's no need to lug along a heavy anchor just use local materials to add weight. The Squid is perfect for fishing kayaks, canoes, pontoon boats and other small and lightweight craft. Fill it with rocks, gravel or sand for weight. The Squid is the largest of these anchors, which include the Urchin (holds up to 11 lbs. of weight) and Shrimp (holds up to 6 lbs. Holds up to 15 pounds of weight. ...

Price: $39.95 | Merchant: NRS | Date: Mar-21, 2018

Size Women S City Chic Lightweight Drawstring Waist Utility Jacket Size XX Large Black Specifics

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Price: $119.00 | Merchant: Nordstrom